Development & Implementation of Safety Programs


Programs are tailored to meet individual industry requirements and ensure OSHA compliance.

Benefits: discount on Worker’s Compensation Insurance; OSHA compliance; reduction in work-related accidents.

Safety Training & Compliance

Develop and conduct safety training sessions  OSHA 10- & 30-hour general industry.

Benefits:  Reduction in work-related accidents; increased productivity.

Drug Free Workplace Program Implementation

Policy Development, Management & Employee Training.  Workshops:  Alcohol & Drug Awareness, Depression in the Workplace.

Benefits:  5% discount on Worker’s Compensation Insurance; reduces absenteeism.

Change & Growth Dynamics


Team Development sessions for companies that are experiencing growth and culture change.

Benefits:  more engaged workforce; building leadership.

Human Resource Procedures Audits

A systematic, objective tool to assess regulatory or policy compliance in the workplace.  An external audit may provide a fresh perspective that a self-audit may not reveal.

Benefits:  identify and correct regulatory non-compliance problems; educational tool; improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of an HR system; viewed favorably by regulatory agencies and in legal proceedings.